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Hello friend,


I went to 6 different schools and studied subjects ranged from economic informatics to biotechnology. In my teens, my interest in exploring my mind and body grew, which lead to studying psychology and subsequently physiotherapy.

One day lying in my bedroom an idea of writing a book struck me, and I became committed.

The writing process made me travel to different cities until I began teaching other aspiring writers.


One public speech led to film production. We shot a trailer based on my writings. After visiting the Berlinale Film festival, we faced a problem. The funds froze, and we stopped the production. My choice was to take action, and I began to write a book from scratch. During the three months of finalizing the draft, I rediscovered my passion and it is, writing.

Do you want to share your passion with me? Or you can help with film production?


Contact me, my friend! 

The Film

Seeing your  thoughts come to  life,  you learn  the lessons  on how to handle your creation 

The Book

Written in German and awaiting the English translation. For limited  set of time  the book  is  available for free here:  

»Die Kugel - Der Prophet vom Mars«

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Book cover created by  Natasha Shydlovska 

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